Product Description

I have another store using software OScommerce. For my descriptions I pull a page for the description. Example: the page is blah_blah.html for a particular product, then product_yaknow.html for another product. I can just edit the product pages on my computer, then upload the page with changes. The pages also contain links for popups such as specifications and drawing. Can this be coded in somewhere in CScart to pull my pages for descriptions. I would prefer not to use the editor in CScart.


You can use a php readfile, include or require. Syntax would be something like this:



I have a similar issue (different old cart), and when I posted the question I rec’d no responses. So it seems like it’s up to us to resolve this one.

Here’s what I think the solution will involve:

1] Create a new form field in product details page called “[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]HTML Snippet[/COLOR]

2] This will have to correspond to a new field in the database

3] When editing an individual product, you’ll have the option to use this field. To do so, click on “browse” next to the new field and select the description file on your computer. When you then click the “update” button, it will retrieve that file snippet and add it to your description.

4] So in the end, you’ll have the ability to use 2 description fields. The one we all use now and the [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]HTML Snippet[/COLOR] description. You’ll have to decide ahead of time which one appears first on the web page.

Our products are complex with ungodly long descriptions that include HTML tables and a bunch of text. It’s really too much to use in the standard description field. But I think we’re getting into some serious custom coding to solve this one. If no one offers a good solution here I’ll contact customer service and see if they have some pointers.

whiplash13, where do I put the include to try your solution?

Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone, but hurricane Ike hit our area. I’m OK but man what a mess and still is. No power, no water, no cell, no land line phones since last Friday. I purchased a generator, but there was no gas anywhere to be gotten. Today my cell and land line phones were back on. Finally found some gas about 200 miles from here. Used all my truck gas to purchase gas! hummmm! Purchased 15 gas cans so I am set for awhile. I just feel sick that some many people are homeless, so I feel fortunate to still have what I had!



Hi hondo69, I put in a request to the help desk, but they couldn’t get to it for about 4 weeks. They were going to set this up for me for the price of $200.00. The money is no object, but the timing is not so good. I have got to have my store up and running by the end of this month. It would be nice to have this option already in the store coding.