Product Description Editor Problem

Does anyone know why the WYSIWYG HTML editor is available when you first create a new product, but not when you go back and use “manage products” to make changes to the descriptions? I’m having to delete the product and create it as new, because I don’t know html coding.

Could it be a setting somewhere that I am missing?


gmccall - 1.3.5-sp4:confused:

The WYSIWYG editor is only available on the main product details page, not if you are trying to bulk edit multiple products.

You shouldn’t need to delete the product just to change its description. Goto manage products, search for the product to change ( or use the search at the top of the page ), click on the product title which will take you to the product details page, the WYSIWYG edit will be available there.

THANKS Baballuci,

Didn’t even think of doing that. Works like a charm.

I feel dumb now, but I’ll get used to CS in time.

Thanks again,

gmccall 1.3.5-sp4 :slight_smile:

No problem, we’ve all done it :slight_smile: