Product Delete Not Calling Addon Controller Correctly

I have extended the product record with additional fields, located in a secondary table.

works great…

but have noticed the controll doesn’t get called properly when a delete occurs.

when the delete dropdown on the product entry is selected, it gets called with mode=update, product_id=0

when the delete entry on the products page is selected, it gets called with mode=m_delete

this is 4.2.4 and same behavior on 4.3.1

also controller not getting called on Clone operations

need to copy the additional fields.

doah!.. delete and clone need to be handled in the PRE controller hook.

Hm. on clone, also have to register a hook…

is there a list of all the hooks, and while I'm at it, all the css styles, and when they are used?

reading the code is not a productive use of ones time.

actually both should be handled in hooks.

doing a grep on set_hook gets a list fast…