Product Currencies

ok i have build 2 table at prices tables ( price_main and currency )

and added some codes to admin area see back.jpg attach

and i write short update code to fn.catalog.php

everything is great working admin area changes rates from main currency table

, and when you gone product details if currency rate is chanegd re calculating and updating main price field

soo my problem is when a category listing or search or different, update is not work

exacly i want ask where is getting list prices or prodcut data, for listings. check front atachmen

i hope if i put my code there, i wll be catch my idea :)

thank you all



no one? where is get product listing datas? i changed fn.catalog.php first get product data function. they are getting detailed ,

but listng fields where ?


i want work this code after listing product prices, at category listings, or detailed view i can work only at detailed view anyone can help me ?

no one ?

shake it. thank u for everyone for helping. ( no one ) i complete my modification.