Product Cost...where is it?

I have been looking through the admin of v 2.1.1 for a product cost field for each product, and I cannot find it. However, when I do a QuickBooks export, Product Cost is a field, with all the line items with a cost of 0.

So where is the QuickBooks export pulling the product cost from, and how do I edit this value for my products?

Nowhere. Still cant beleive this software does not have a simple cost field. Brutal.

No cost field? Yeah…I must say that’s a little surprising. So, any idea where the QuickBooks export is LOOKING for a value before it defaults to 0?

The cost isn’t the only thing that is going to get screwed up if you use the Quickbooks import from CS.

Here are just a few of the ways the Quickbooks export from CS is messed up:

  1. The Quickbooks export in CS still deletes the “cost”
  2. It still changes the item description when it should NOT.
  3. It still deletes the “preferred vendor”
  4. It still changes the default account

    We have had major problems with the Quickbooks mod from CS even back when we used CS 1.3.5 sp4 and before. When we upgraded to 2.1.2 we thought we would try an import on a few orders just to see if CS fixed the bugs, sadly they did not. CS has know about the bugs or problems with their Quickbooks for at least a couple of years now, but they still have not fixed them.

    Currently we have a post on uservoice to request CS to fix the Quickbooks mod. I know this is not important to everyone, but at the very least I believe everyone would agree that if CS-Cart is not going to fix the problem then they should remove the mod so new users do not screw up their accounting program.

    Right now we are still using WriteItOnce and we still love it. Since we upgraded to the latest version of CS we now need to get WriteItOnce updated. The nice part is we can import from multiple shopping carts. The other nice part is WriteItOnce does not screw up your Quickbooks inventory and make your accountant mad at you or create an accounting nightmare!


Write it Once


Too bad their last update was July 2009…

That is just the main portion or brain of the software. I’m not for sure what else it would be called. Each site you access has different versions. For example, when ebay messed stuff up last year and earlier this year we just contacted writeitonce and get the update to fix it. Same thing with Amazon and CS. The code changes for each particular cart. They even created a custom mod for us to use on our site.

We currently use the WriteItOnce software on Windows 7 with no problems and used it on XP up until about a month ago.