Product Cost (Backend)

It’d be cool if there was the ability to put in the cost of a product for backend purposes. Say something costs us $2.25 and we sell for $2.50. Customer’s would see the $2.50 but then on the backend we could get a report showing how much was on the order.

That would be a very nice feature for many stores, especially using drop shipping. It would be great if it generated a “profit” report automatically, so you dont have to calculate your profit with excel.

Why stop there - What would be great if there was a tab on a product that only had fields that you could add for “own use” - (well the modders would start getting at them) - text fields - note fields - currency fields - date fields.

So then we could create out own fields for things like - price in - supplier ref - stock notes - due in date - etc etc.

Then cs could be used and also sold as an online database with ecommerce thrown in or for those of us already using it the reverse.

This would be pretty easy to implement at a basic level as there would be not interaction with other elements of cs-cart.

That’s what we were thinking ourselves as well. It seems like it would be just another “price” field.

They should add it asap.

It is “easy” for them to do.

that would really be a great feature

you could print out a sale/profit report at the end of the month

I wonder how difficult something like this would actually be. I’m not a programmer but I can’t imagine adding a single database field would be next-to-near impossible. The report may take a bit of doing but still completely possible.

I remember a post on here of someone saying they paid cs-cart to mod it for them to do something like this.

Not dear either.

It would be great to have this for additional reporting, especially when doing price changes from suppliers.

Just a note that you can add extra fields to products using the Product Features option and checking the Hidden cgeckbox so it is not visible to customers. This would at least allow you to select products based on this data as well as making it possible to export the data into a spreadsheet.


This is a very good feature to manage our own price list!!!

Custom field visible in backend not visible to customer. It is for 135 SP3


That should work with SP4 aswell.

[quote name=‘baballuci’]That should work with SP4 aswell.[/QUOTE]

No…I want some customers see the price while some not for the same product. Maybe based on the group.