product content updated via AJAX


Im trying to wrap my head around exactly how cs-cart updates the product page content when an atrribute is selected.

Im tring to extend the content that is being returned in that ajax call with some content that is being loaded from another site… mainly stock info from our legacy platform.

I saw that the documentation had a little something about it… but it didnt have much.


if I follow the code I see that it leads me to the file in controllers/common but Im not sure whats going on there.

can anyone point me in the right direction?


figured it out! in case your looking for the same answer…

i put this in the /addons/my_changes/hooks/products/

{capture name="delivery_`$obj_id`"}


{if $no_capture}
{assign var="capture_name" value="delivery_`$obj_id`"}

make sure to leave the last html comment in the cm-reload node…



… or else it will just append the loaded content to div.helper-container.