Product Configurator help please, again


I’m feeling like an utter idiot. I’ve been playing w/ the PC for a while now and really like it. But for the life of me, I can not figure out how to properly use the Classes.

I understand the idea behind them, but simply can not see how to use them. I mean, to create a class you have to create a Step and a Group, add products to the group etc., but then how does the Class get associated w/ a configurable product? When you’re in a product’s entry screen, and in the Configuration section, there is no way to associate a class to the product. I’m just having a total mental block as how the classes are a benefit when you’ve already created the steps and groups and the groups have all the eligible products in them.

If someone is bored or wants to kill time, could you please write an UTTER IDIOT’S guide to using the PC and/or classes? Thank you,


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Are you not on yahoo IM now?


I’m on yahoo usually during work hours EST. Thanks,


I added you but you are not online. check your Pm’s