Product Configuration Not Changing Price

I’m using product configurator and when I click the checkbox, it increases the price accordingly… but when I uncheck it the price does not change.


Is a sample page. Click the check box next to “Concord Corner Hutch” and the price increases to $7038. Uncheck it, and it doesn’t change.

Is this a bug? Any ideas??

Look your site still under constructure. why you still use version 2.0.14?

You can report it at “Bug tracker” section, if you like.

I will try my site to see what is wrong?

It works fine for CS-Cart 2.1.x, but it didn’t show extra tab for my 2.0.15 production store with projection skin.

Yes, it works fine on the online demo newest version. It should show the extra “configure” tab in 2.0.15. Is the product configurator activated? Then you also must check the “configure” box under add-ons for that particular product to enable that product to be configured.

I’m thinking it’s just some tweak that needs made to get it to call an update price function on a change of action.

Can you or someone else look into this further? I really need it to work.

I will do some tests on my other sites and get back to you later…

The reason for some of my sites can’t show configurator components tabs on product details is that I have view_main_info_override.tpl under my_changes and there is also a view_main_info_override.tpl inside the product_configurator addon. After I rename view_main_info_override.tpl under my_changes, it can display configurator components tabs on product details.

I tested it on CS-cart v2.0.15 site. It just occurs as you said, “uncheck it the price does not change.” If there are 2 or more options, sometime it can change the price. I think it is a bug on the javascript of product_configurator addon.

When I tested it on my upgrade test site from 2.0.15 to 2.1.x. Everything works well.

I suggest you contact support, report it on Bug tracker, or try to use the javascript for product_configurator addon from v2.1.x to solve your problem.