Product Configuration - Calculations

I want to calculate the retail price of a given item based on the square inches of material used. It will require input of “HEIGHT” and “LENGTH” and then a calculation would take place to arrive at the Material Cost.

Additional configuration elements, such as colors, quantities, etc, will also factor into the total price.

I have done some searching and have not arrived at any answers yet and the documentation is vague at best. I see where you can configure fixed price products, but not where you create variable priced products based on a calculation.

Can this be accomplished?

Does it happen in the Product Configuration?

Is it a combination of Product Configuration and some other area(s)?

Do I need one or more custom PHP Scripts?



If this was an added feature it would have an advantage over many other carts. I will post my findings if any.

This has been asked here and i’ve put in a feature request in the bug tracker.


I have no doubt it could be done for as a paid for mod either by cs themselves or some of the cs-cart experts on here.

You might wait for ever for it to appear so maybe get a quote and then you can make a decision of whether to proceed based on what it is worth to you.

No interest to myself but there might be a few others that would share the cost.

Sno used to and i think still does run some mod club thingy which people can use to share the cost of development of a mod but how this works now I have no idea.