Product Comparison has hosed my site

Fresh install of 1.3.5, imported DB and all was working fine. Then I enabled product comparisons, went into 2 products and enabled the product compare check box to test it out and now I’m hosed out of my site.

If I go to the admin page I get “Error: Cannot connect to the database server” under that it says “Backtrace:” w/ no info.

If I go to the store front I get the exact same message.

If I try to go to the DB via phpMyAdmin I get:

" Server localhost


MySQL said:

#1040 - Too many connections


I’m completely locked out. Wtf?! Any ideas folks? Thanks,


Did a quick Google on your problem, here is what I found:


If you are in a shared hosting environment, you will need them to login and make adjustments to get the mysql to work for you again.

They can go into your DB, click on Settings scroll down to product_configurator, edit it to have the Value set to “N” Save it. They may need to restart mysql for it to take effect, but that only takes half a second to do.


It’s a dedicated server. Not shared. Plus, there are other applications running on that MySQL server with no problems fortunately.

So basically this is telling me wait for 1.3.5sp2 for things to be safe. Wtf do they do releases like this? I’d rather wait and have it right that have this bs go on.


For lack of a better way to put it, that sucks!!! Are you totally unable to reinstall/re-restore the DB?

Precisely why I wait… a long time… before upgrades to our live store

Feel a bit guilty to say, but I play around with the betas, and non-live test installs, and then watch for posts like yours for at least a couple months till I’m sure all the bugs have been worked out.

Have you submitted a ticket to CS?