Product Codes?

Forgive me if this has been covered, but search has not helped me and these two items are a real nuisance:

  1. Can I make the Product Code field longer in Admin? Many of my skus don’t differ until the end characters, and I am getting tired of having to highlight/scroll to get to the important bits.

  2. Can I change the words “Product Code” in the cart to say “SKU” instead? It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but my customers seem to be used to “sku.”

    As always, if possible just point me to the right thread. Thanks!

For item #2, in Content->Languages search for ‘sku’ and then change the value from “CODE” to “SKU”.


That worked! Funny thing is that the language variable in question is actually called SKU, with the default value “Product Code”. Go figure.

You keep bailing me out Bob. Thanks again. Someday I hope to start posting some answers instead of just questions!

For item #1, make the following changes:

In /skins/basic/admin/views/products/manage.tpl, change the bit in red to your preferred width:

In /skins/basic/admin/views/products/update.tpl, change the size and change the class from ‘input-text-medium’ to ‘input-text’:



[COLOR=“red”]20[/COLOR]” value=“{$product_data.product_code}” class=“[COLOR=“red”]input-text[/COLOR]” />



As always, that did the trick. Much appreciated!

[quote name=‘Dardanus’]As always, that did the trick. Much appreciated![/QUOTE]

Certainly you had no doubts did you?

Bob (Jobosales) is the master of CS-Cart manipulation! :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘Struck’]Bob (Jobosales) is the master of CS-Cart manipulation! :)[/QUOTE]

Naw. That distinction goes to the ModSquad (brandonvd, sixin9, snorocket, jagorny, ToolOutfitters and a few others I can’t think of right now).


NOTE: I have a feeling that we may be adding ogia to the list soon