Product code question for excel?

So, i need to change all the product codes to upc's. Is there a way to do that thru bulk upload (csv) with excel. I need something like this

Product code 125

UPC 111222333444

Changed to

Product code 111222333444

Need to be able to this within a datafeed upload to the site the ability to tell it to replace that product code with a new one. Most of my products dont have pics and have to be manually put in which took 2 weeks. If I have to delete the database and upload a new one with the upc for the code then I will lose 9000 pictures. Is there a way to do this??



The Product Code is the Unique Identifier for import/exports. As far as I know you cannot update this via an import, because the imported data matches the Product Code to update the data in the database.

Do a full backup first - I mean database and files (including images files).

I would export all your products and product images via CSV. Then copy the UPC columns values to the Product Code column. Do the same for the product images export file too, so the Product Codes match in both files.

Then on the import, delete all products so your products database tables are empty, then import the edited CSV files. This should achieve what you are looking to do.

Stellar is correct, but also you could import them back as he says but use code 125-111222333444, this way whne you export in future or search in cart you still have the old reference and the new. But the easy thing is to seperate them in excel by the -

if you are doing this for google merchant centre ( base) then you dont need to import to cs cart if you dont want to. Just have all your upcs in the corresponding column in excel and dont give that column a title. the it will be ingored on any import but you have it for reference or base etc.

all depends whether you need your old code or nit, we use both.


im confused,

yes its for google base they want the upc. I cant get that to go unto cs cart unless i make it the product code because when you look at a google feed it replaces the product code with upc so if the product code WAS the upc then all is fine. Since the upc currently isnt on the site i either need to change the product code as explained. As far as Stella, I really dont know how to backup and reload it, As far as John, (((Just have all your upcs in the corresponding column in excel and dont give that column a title. the it will be ingored on any import but you have it for reference or base etc.))) There is NO way to do that i dont think because i dont have a way to merge them as you suggusted without manually entering them. although, i have the upc in the feed that I use to update my site everyday i would wind up with 2 sets of files, one with it and one without upc's and no way to match them except manual. Am I better off wiping the database clean and starting over?

also yea it would be nice to keep my original product codes as well as the upc.

get your data out as csv, and save it twice with 2 names.

the first one copy the product names to be the first column, select this column and sort into alphabetical order.

this will then give you a spreadsheet that is sorted by name and not code.

Do the same with the spreadsheet that has the 111222333444 as code then you can copy and paste at will between the sheets and everything will be in correct order.

then you get the old product codes and paste them into column a on a new sheet, then paste the 111222333444 upcs into column b. you should then have corresponing UPCs with the correct “old” codes.

in cell c1 then type =concatenate(a1,“-”,b1,)

this will give you e.g. 125-111222333444

copy this formula down all the rows. Highlight it and click copy, then “paste special” where you need it and remember to paste as “values”

then you have all old codes, merged with new codes with a “-” in between in case you need to break them up in future. paste this back into the original sheet you want to import.

ALSO remember to keep other copies of the original exports in case you mess it up, you can just bring the old back in


Just one more question… I made a file for keywords of the home page. How do I add them to the home page? In otherwords I have a file with 100 keywords that pretain to the front page of the website ( I want to add those keywords there. Please tell me how would I do that?

Thanks again!

100 keywords is a lot for the home page but you should seek out google forums for advice on that.

if you are asking where to put those keywords then it is in design/blocks/homepage then click the icon at the side of homepage to show the meta data fields


what icon (wht is the name) on the side and what side? Thanks

sounds like you may be on v 3 , i dont know where it is in there.