Product Category Addition View

When I add a new category (MAIN/SUB) I see a different view now on the “location” section whereas I used to see a drop down menu 1 hour ago. How do I change the view back the way I want? Refer attachment.

Hello, mifzal!

The category picker is shown if the categories number exceeds the value assiged by this directive:

define('CATEGORY_THRESHOLD', 40); // if number of categories less than this value, all categories will be retrieved, otherwise subcategories will be retrieved by ajax

in the “config.php” file located in the root directory of your CS-Cart Installation.

If you want to increase it, I suggest that you should replace the line above with this one:

define('CATEGORY_THRESHOLD', 1000);

I hope it will help.

Thank you for your support. Brilliant and it works. I really appreciate it:)

You are welcome:)

I have another issue. When I edit products (more than 10 I guess), images do not get uploaded. Why?

Please someone help me.