Product Block (TAB)-Explaination


I am “playing” with adding Blocks to the Product page as product tabs.

I can see how to create the block and assign to ALL products and remove from ALL products. Does anyone know who to assign to multiple products, such as all products in a particular category or categories? Below is an image of a block I created for this purpose.

Also, can someone please explain the differences in the wrappers. Image below show’s the different wrappers.





I will make the following as feature request as they are really important and will solve your problem if cs-cart implements them.

Now the blocks or tabs in cs-cart 2.0-2.0.8 works like this:

  1. Can only mange in Blocks part. So if you have 50 common blocks, all of them are shown there. You can not categorize them.

  2. Can only assign the block or tab to ALL or remove from ALL of the products. You can not bulk assign or remove blocks for selected products.

  3. The biggest problem maybe. You can not bulk add content to a common block. This is very terrible if you want to just add a simple general information to a block for many products. You have to go to each product (1 load) and click the targeted block if it’s not the first one (1 load), add content, then click Save (1 load), then it’s done for only 1 product! Have 50 products that have a common Shipping & Payment information (other products have another common infor but not this one)? Sorry, you have to repeat the above steps for another 49 times with countless page loads.

  4. Sorting all the products tabs and now it’s done in the labs, however, there is still no bulk edit for this feature.

    All in all, we need bulk management of product tabs.

    Any other improvements can be made on the product tabs feature?


By the looks of things, CS plans to allow to have the blocks added to certain products since the is a link at the block to manage products. My guess is that they just haven’t gotten this yet.

As for categorizing the blocks, you are right. Having the blocks as one long list will be kind of difficult if you have a lot of blocks, hopefully CS will do something about this.

As for bulk edit, it seems to work pretty good for me. If you go to Design - Blocks, Products and edit a tab it will be edited for all the products that it is assigned to. I have made 2 blocks in the labs, one is for one product and one is for all products and when I edit either one everything is changed accordingly. Of course this is for all products, but I am pretty sure I am right with my first point above.

Anyways, all in all the tabs are looking pretty good, there is still a couple of things, but they are coming along great.


Hi Brandon,

The bulk edit means that to bulk add content (say banners) to many products’ assigned block.

For example, I have 5 products that has a common block with content banner A, then in the current version, I have to insert banner A to the block of each product for 5 times! This is very frustrating.

Add to all or remove from all is definitely not flexible enough.


I totally agree with you Joe and it will be interesting to see what CS does.

Like I said before, it looks like they plan on making this work for only products you select. If you look right below the “remove from all” link you will see a “manage products” link. I am guessing that CS is going to have this link go to the products assigned to that block, but I am only guessing and we’ll have to wait and see.


That “manage products” link currently only brings to the Products page.

The bulk edit feature includes two aspect:

  1. Bulk assign and remove blocks regarding selected products
  2. Bulk add and remove contents (banners, pages and etc.) regarding selected products

    This sounds quite like how product options is working now. Ennn…Very similar…Cool, maybe it will be easier for cs-cart to implement the requested features.

I’m not sure what is going on with product tabs in labs, the attached screen shots are how the addon was intended to function:


and the Buy Together Addon was to be this:

Customer side shown in tabs box:

Customer side shown in mainbox:

[quote name=‘snorocket’]I’m not sure what is going on with product tabs in labs, the attached screen shots are how the addon was intended to function:



I haven’t find like the same as you mention on screenshot. Can you provide the link ?

[quote name=‘snorocket’]and the Buy Together Addon was to be this:


Your input on MANY subjects is incredible, I am not really sure where you find to manage your time. I know all too well that time management and follow through is a big part of a business and you seem to manage yours well.

Without people like you pushing for things to get better they never would.

Hopefully I will be able to use one of your addons in the near future for our store.

Thanks again,


I saw your posts with the Product Tabs 2.0 and the Buy Together addons. You mention that these will be available in CS-Cart future versions. I have subscribed to your forums on and it looks like they may be available in v2.08. I currently have v2.07. Can you confirm when these may be ready? These addons would be an incredible help.



They will be available in the next release which is v2.09 - Sno

Hello snorocket and the others…

It looks like a very good mod.

Is this working to the current version 2.0.11?

I will post in your forum, too.