product block apperance type addition

This is in cs-cart ver 2.1.1

I would like to add a new appearance type: to blocks with Block content set to Products.

I have tried copying the following files to a new name and changed info in the first or two. I figure after I can get it to just showup in cs-cart then I would figure out what need to be done to rework the appearance(layout)

/skins/new_vision_blue/customer/blocks/products.tpl – raffle.tpl

/skins/new_vision_blue/customer/blocks/product_list_templates/products.tpl – raffle.tpl

/skins/new_vision_blue/customer/blocks/list_templates/products_list.tpl – raffle_list.tpl

I read in another post about adding to the appearance type in banners, but that is an addon so it did not directly apply here.

What I am needing to do is create a block that will have a raffle. The item raffled would change from month to month. So I though have a product block and rework the layout.

I guess this could be done in an html block and create a link to the product page, just more work each time to change.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Jack Dempsey Needle Art

This post will go some way to helping you although it relates to adding product filter appearance types, the method is the same for creating any new appearance type.

Well StellarBytes, I have no clue how product filters have anything to do with blocks. Can you give me a better clue?



Well I have tried the the way of the link that stellarBytes suggested. Created the directories and the file with the following:


if ( !defined('AREA') ) { die('Access denied'); }
$schema['products']['appearances']['addons/my_changes/raffle.tpl'] = array (
'conditions' => array (
'fillings' => array('filters')




Then hoping to use the apperance type “small items” as a starting point copied the files

/blocks/products_small_items.tpl to addons/my_changes/raffle.tpl

/blocks/list_templates/small_items.tpl to addons/my_changes/raffle_items.tpl

Changes the first to linesof raffle.tpl to:

{* $Id: raffle.tpl 8327 2009-11-27 09:11:44Z angel $ *}
{** block-description:raffle **}

and the include line to:

{include file="addons/my_changes/raffle_items.tpl"

I did a clear cache after each change and check if the raffle would appear in the list – no luck.

Then I notice a line of code pop up along the top of the blocks area (see attached image).

so this leads me to believe I have some thing wrong in the

So if any has a few pointers on where my mistake(s) are, I'd love to hear from you.


David DeWitt

Jack Dempsey Needle Art


Any one have an idea. would love to here it.


David DeWitt

Well I have finally got something working. It still needs some work so I don't have to edit the tpl files for each raffle. Only one hurtle left: need to get rid of the “add to wish List” link . See the attached screen shot of the raffle apperance (right side column).

Here is what I had to do to get this far. (Yes I tried to us My_changes, but had to give up when trying to use a

changes added in /schemas/block_manager.structures.php

'addons/my_changes/raffle.tpl' => array (
'params' => array (
'type' => 'extended'
'data_modifier' => array (
'fn_gather_additional_product_data' => array (
'product' => '#this',
'get_icon' => true,
'get_options' => true

Then copied /skins/my-skin/customer/blocks/product_list_templates/products.tpl to raffle.tpl and alter it to:

{include file="blocks/list_templates/raffle_list.tpl"

and copied /skins/my-skin/customer/blocks/list_templates/products_list.tpl to raffle_list.tpl and removed alot of stuff that I would not need in my apperance type such as “old_price, discount label, etc”.

Now the main formating looks like this.


{* should add the color to the css file*}
{assign var="form_open" value="form_open_`$obj_id`"}
{if $bulk_addition}


Breast Cancer Quilt Raffle

{* will use short description field here if I can find how to pull "Full Description" *}

{if !$hide_links}


{include file="common_templates/image.tpl" image_width=$settings.Thumbnails.product_lists_thumbnail_width obj_id=$obj_id_prefix images=$product.main_pair object_type="product" show_thumbnail="Y" image_width=$settings.Thumbnails.product_lists_thumbnail_width image_height=$settings.Thumbnails.product_lists_thumbnail_height}

{if !$hide_links}

Hope Ribbon Wall Quilt

{* need to find how to pull "page title" *}


{assign var="prod_descr" value="prod_descr_`$obj_id`"}{$smarty.capture.$prod_descr}

{assign var="price" value="price_`$obj_id`"}

{*this pulls both add to cart button and add to wish list link, need to find how to pull only "add to cart" button *}
{assign var="add_to_cart" value="add_to_cart_`$obj_id`"}

{assign var="rating" value="rating_$obj_id"}
Rating: {$smarty.capture.$rating}

{if $bulk_addition}

{assign var="form_close" value="form_close_`$obj_id`"}


Maybe someone can show me how to add just the "add to cart" button.



IIRC in V2, the two options are:-

-disable the Wishlist addon altogether

-remove the add to wishlist button from a particular template, add (in your case, in raffle.tpl):-

hide_wishlist_button = true


{include file="blocks/list_templates/raffle_list.tpl"


The “hide_wishlist_button = true” worked perfectly. I search other templates but could not find this great little key item. Is there a list of this kind of stuff ? or is just from working with cs-cart for a time.

Thanks again, now I can go live with the raffle.

David DeWitt