Product Availability Needs To Be Taken From Stock Instead Of Google Export Features


There is a stand-alone (independent) field in a product admin for "Availability" under Google Export Features (which is on the Features tab).

In other words, if a product becomes out of stock (but we selected "in stock" on the features tab while it was in stock and we sent a feed), the feed export to google tells it that the product is in stock. But once google has processed the feed and it checks the live URL of the product for availability, it determines that the product is actually out of stock! (see attached image)

This is a huge contradiction and google flags it as a warning (might disapprove such products in future, who knows) and this is a problem for merchants ourselves.

A better idea: The "availability" field on Features of the product should be automatically filled according to the Stock availability of the product as it is entered on the "General" tab of the product. For example, if a component has "1"or "14" mentioned on the Stock field on the Product, it should be treated as "Available".

Does this make sense? Is this a good idea? Isn't it the way it should work?

Product availability needs to be taken from stock instead of Google Export Features.JPG

Any thoughts? Ideas? Tips? Hints?