Product Added to Cart Pop-Up


I’ve modified buttons and re-styled the default theme to almost agree with the aborted Shopperpress theme changes that I had introduced.

My expertise is Wordpress but I am finding my way around CS-Cart ok. :wink:

I have to change the buttons that say “Continue Shopping” and “View Compare List” on the pop-ups that appear after adding items but I have no idea which smarty templates would govern these pop-ups. Can anyone provide the answer?

Do you want to change the link or just the wording?

To change the wording, go to Content->Languages and search for “Continue Shopping” and change it to what you want.

I want to change the button behind the wording.

Look in notification.tpl

It’s here:


It took me forever to find it last week. :rolleyes:

Thanks Ogia,

This template looks like the one I was searching for as a rookie. I certainly appreciate your sharing the find. :cool:

I need to change the link on the continue shopping button of the cart page. how do I go about that?

The logic behind finding templates like that is to find some static words. Then go to admin->content->languages

Search for that word and find the assigned value it belongs to. Take a text search program (like [url] is for sale | HugeDomains) and search inside of the cs-cart unzipped directory for code with that value (best is to have a backup folder of your store). Most likely ignore addons directories and those that are not your skin.

This is the basic logic behind finding parts of the code yourself.

EDIT: You can also help finding a right spot in templates by searching class and partial id values (ignoring any product number at the end of the id) taken from the source of HTML.

ive searched high and low for the text of the link. ive found all the files which make up the button, but no link url to change. and i only want to change it for the button, not the referral to index.php