Product 5 star rating mod

Demo available in my shop (link below). PM if interested in buying it.

After rating a product, if a person refreshes the page, it will add another rating.

The problem is the chosen rating is in the URL. &rate=5

My brother (he did programing) says this happens due to the google bot he is the second voter. Person cannot vote twice as his ip is logged.

It did it for me twice, just because I refreshed the page. I believe it was on this product:

[url]True Baltic Amber

it registers 2 votes for me as well, no offense but this is such a minor mod, that once you fix the bug I would recommend posting it up for free, especially after all the free mods matt posted up for everyone, in addition I see you installed the free next/prev product navigation mod I worked on and posted up freeā€¦

Yes you are right that refreshing does add another vote, but this is because of googlebot crawling the page that is refreshed (why it does that on refreshing, god knows). But the problem is identified and will be resolved. Actually, there are a couple solutions already, I just have to decide which one to go with.