Product 2 only available or automatically discounted if Product 1 was previously purchased

Can someone tell me if there is a way to accomplish the following?

Say for instance you sell software and you want to offer a discount to customers who want to upgrade from a previous version or you sell website scripts and you want to offer a discount for multiple domains.

A prior purchase of the product (at full price) is a requirement for purchasing the discounted product.

I searched the forum and CS-Cart admin but I can't figure out how to automatically restrict a product to customers who have previously purchased the same product at full price.

It should work like this (anonymous checkout is disabled):

Option 1:

Admin creates two products. Both are actually the same product but product 1 costs $20 and product 2 costs $10. Customer adds product 2 to the cart. If they have not previously purchased product 1, they are notified at checkout that they cannot purchase product 2 because there is no record of them previously purchasing the product 1. Or maybe create a hidden product 2 and have a link to it on product 1's page but the link is only visible to users that have previously purchased product 1.

Option 2:

Set up a promotion that is only available to users that have previously purchased a particular item.


A far i can see you have for ex. 2 products:[list]

[]default one = prod1 = 15$

]updated one = prod2 = 20$


customers 2 types:[list]

[]one that already buy prod1 = customer1

]the other one is a new customer = customer2


when customer1 add prod2 to cart he will get a discount of 15$ (equivalent of prod1)

sow the final price will be 5$.

when customer2 add prod2 to cart the price will be 20$

if this is correct you can PM me and i will help you with a solution.

Sincerely yours,