Prodcut page looks different in Chrome, FF, IE

So I was playing around and noticed my product page doesn’t look quite uniform in Chrome. It looks fine (though slightly different) in Internet Explorer compared to FireFox. It mainly has to do with my options table.

  • FireFox seems to work best since it makes the table around my options just large enough.
  • IE makes the table expand all the way across the page but it still works fine.
  • Chrome on the other hand seems to make the table a little too small no matter what the page size is.

    The problem is a have a little pop-up window next to my options. There is a “?” graphic next to the option to alert the customer if they have any questions. The problem is that Chrome doesn’t keep it inline with the larger options for some reason. It puts it on the line above the pull down menu instead of next to it like in other browsers.

    It’s not a major issue but it doesn’t look “right”. Wasn’t sure if anyone knew how/why this happens in Chrome or if there was an easy fix.

    Example: [URL]URL]