Proceed to cart

My site feels smooth now, everywhere but when you hit “proceed to cart”. It feels like it lags a little too much when heading to checkout. I’ve seen some other cs-carts that seem faster in this respect. What causes the hangup here? Is it just the postage estimator doing this?

Just found something on this over here:

Probably not the problem.

Note that when you move from 'cart' to 'checkout' that many different calculations are done for promotions, pricing, discounts, shipping, taxes, etc. While some of these are done in 'cart', more specific ones are done in 'checkout'.

When you say it “lags”, can you be more specific? I.e. how much time different beteween going to checkout.cart and checktout.checkout? Note that if you go to 'checkout.cart' first that some of the info is held in the SESSION so some calculations are not needed to be done again unless something changes.