Problems with tpl

Hi lads

I´m just trying to insert an image between the top menu and the content menu or navigate menu.

I have inserted this code in the top.tpl file (using design mode in the backend)



The image is inserted ok, but I´m just having a problem ... the image is moving the "top menu" to the left... I have tried to increase the margin-top but nothing happens, well the image goes down but the top menu still moved to the left, even having enough space.

Can someone tell me the instructions to follow to fix this?


If you want help with this type of thing you’re going to have to provide a link to the page where the problem is. Looking at your image will tell us nothing about what might be causing your problem. Also your

align= right

better be


And why do you have the empty div below? Why not just add margin-bottom to the div above instead? In fact, the proper coding method would be to not provide the margin in the image, but to use padding for the div.

Hi tbirnseth

Thanks for your answer…

I cant put the link of my site, well I can but what I really mean is I´m working in loalhost, about the “” they were in the code, so no problem because of that.

It looks like the padding top or (margin top) of the image is moving the top menu.

I´m just going to try what you said about just use padding botton.

Thanks again