Problems With Re:desk Support System


We're wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience using Re:Desk with CS Cart as we did. We're trialling it with IIS (*) and we've run into two major problems.

(1) We had problems with responses to responses to tickets being discarded by the system. I thought this might have been my fault in installation. We opened a ticket on this.

To cut a long story short, we eventually traced the apparent problem to a line of code that assumes PHP_EOL will be the same value as the email line separator (single LF, “\n”). I'm assuming that under Linux it equals the Unix-standard “\n” (and hence would work), but under IIS, it's the Windows-standard CRLF (“\r\n”). Changing PHP_EOL to “\n” solved the problem… we think.

Despite later adding this to our ticket, we haven't had a reply from them.

(2) We've now had a problem with emails having some single dots replaced by double ones (e.g. so a link in the body to becomes http://test…, and fails.

Again, despite having opened a ticket on this, we've had no reply.

Re:Desk claim “We strongly recommend all Unix-like operating system, such as FreeBSD or Linux, due to the fact they have high scalability and performance, better security capabilities. But Windows-based server will work either.

To be honest, we'd have abandoned it already if we hadn't spent so much time getting it to work in the first place(!)

  • Smich

    (*) Yes, we'd probably have gone with Linux in hindsight, but at the time we had some Windows legacy stuff we may have wanted to retain.

Thank you for the message. I do apologize for so long delay. Unfortunately, the software is not compatible with IIS servers. The software is required nginx or Apache webservers.

Thank you for your response.

It would have been a lot more useful if we'd known that in the first place, however. I'm assuming that you were unaware that this was a problem until we drew your attention to it. (*)

The first bug we spotted- i.e. the simple but annoying one caused by assuming PHP_EOL is equivalent to bare LF (which is true under Unix/Linux, but not Windows)- suggests that the software was never tested under Windows…?

Since you still claim “We strongly recommend all Unix-like operating system […] But Windows-based server will work either” that implies it should work with Windows/Apache and Windows/nginx.

Has this actually been tested? I ask because if (sensibly) PHP_EOL equals CRLF (rather than LF) in a Windows/Apache/PHP or Windows/nginx/PHP environment, then the CRLF bug will still exist.

  • Smich

    (*) The system requirements page now says “The software is required nginx or Apache webservers”, but Google cache confirms this was only added less than two weeks ago (after 20 May).

Thank you for the message. Yes, you are right the software was not fully tested under the windows servers. Only all the general features. Thank you for all this information, I have sent it to developer.

As regards the fact we not clearly stated this info on our system requirements page, yes, despite the fact we placed this info on the page, it looks there were some misunderstanding in the information, so yesterday I placed a new line to be clear on this case.

I apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced.

If you need further information or need something else, please let me know.