Problems with home page changes not appearing


I have made several changes to the home page including new best sellers products and a new banner. However they are not showing on the homepage. I have the previous best sellers which I’ve deleted.

I’ve cleared the cache but its still not working

If anyone could help that would be great.



Try clearing the cache by ftp.

Assuming basic template:

Go to var/cache/templates/design/themes/basic/templates and delete all the files.

If you have a custom template:

Go to var/cache/templates/design/themes/[color=#ff0000]{template_name}[/color]/templates and delete all the files.

This will force a full regeneration.

If you have multiple templates or have cloned the default template check if you are working on the correct layout:

Go to Design/Layouts.

If on the left hand side you see Switch Layout section then select the layout you have been updating.

On the right hand (above the blocks) click the gear icon and select Edit Layout:

Here make sure the the Default option is checked and grayed out.

Hope this helps.