Problems Submitting to Google Base


When I export CSV files to Google Base/ Merchant Centre most products get submitted, but there are always a few that gets rejected.

Can anyone guide me on what I need to do to my content to ensure Google Accepts all of my products for Google Shopping?


Want to give us a hint as to what errors you see or why they are rejected?

The Merchant Center “Data quality” tells you what’s wrong and how to correct.

Under the Data Feeds section in Google Merchant Centre I get the message:

“Some of the characters in your items seem to be invalid. Please verify all the characters in your feed are valid for your selected encoding”.

However they don’t go into specifics, well they sort of do but I don’t understand it, do you?

Item Nr = 2

Line Nr = 3

Value = Samsung Micro USB Car Charger \nThe charger is ROHS Compliant and has a 12 Month Manufacturer’s warranty.\nWhat is ROHS Compliant? ROHS Compliant\n\n\nFeatures:\n• CE Approved• ROHS Compliant• Curly cord design• LED power indication• Easy to use• High quality• Innovative design• Manufactured to the same rigorous quality standards as the best OEM products on the market\n\n\nPhone Compatibility:\nThis Car charger is compatible with the following Samsung handsets: Beat DISCBladeB3210 Corby TXTB3310B5722B7620 Giorgio ArmaniBlue EarthChat 335 C5510C6112E2100G810Galaxy EuropaGoogle 2Google Lexus 2 GT-2120GT-B2710GT-B3210 Genio QwertyGT-B3310GT-B5310 Genio SlideGT-B7300 Omnia LiteGT-B7320 Omnia ProGT-B7330 Omnia ProGT-B7610 Omnia ProGT-B7620 Giorgio ArmaniGT-C3200GT-i5500GT-i5700 Galaxy PortalGT-i7500 Galaxy GT-17500GT-i8000 Omnia2GT-i8510GT-i8910 Omnia HDGT-I9000 Galaxy SGT-M5650 LindyGT-M6710 Beat DiscGT-M7500 Emporio ArmaniGT-M7600 Beat DJGT M8910 Pixon12GT-S3370GT-S3550GT-S5320GT-S5350 SharkGT-S5560GT-S5600 BladeGT-S5620 MonteGT-S7070 DivaGT-S7220 ELTZGT-S7220 LucidoGT-S7350 ClassicoGT-S8000 Jet Ultra EditionGT-S8300 Tocco Ultra EditionGT-S8500 WaveSGH-G810Genio SlideH1i850 Innov8i8510 INNOV8Jet S8000KnoxLIndyLucidoM2310M2510M5650M2510M3310M7500 Giorgio ArmarniM7600 Beat DJOmnia HD i8910Omnia II i8000Omnia LiteOmnia Pro B7610Pixon12PortalPrestonS5150 Diva FolderS5560S6700S7070 DivaS7220S7350 ClassicoS7350 Ultra SlideS8300 Ultra TouchShark 2 S5550Shark 3 S550Shark S5350Tocco Ultra Edition \n

The above was my product description, does anyone know what Google doesn’t approve of?

Yeah when I exported mine I went into the csv file and relaced all the “\n” that had appeared.

just use find and replace it takes seconds.


It’s actually your bullets that are causing the problem.

Do you know what these are Tool “\n”


“\n” means new line I believe

I haven’t tried editing it yet, but will do when I get some time.

The thing is I don’t think it’s neither the “\n” OR the bullet points because I submitted similar products with bullet points. I’m thinking it may be duplicate information as I had the same text in the main description as well as the short description - maybe I’m wrong, a wild guess.

kaz is correct and they really are not needed. The code adds them but I have removed them so they do not show.

kaz, the bullets will cause the problem. Google does accept some special characters but not all.

The special characters would be fine if they were encoded properly, but they are not. I’m guessing your data was cut/pasted from MS Word or similar that uses special characters for bullets. It is supposed to be all ascii text (for CSV, utf-8 for XML). So anything above decimal 127 would be a no-no.