Problems after 4.0.2 Upgrade

Background: store was 3.x. Export to Quickbooks worked fine except for when I had AZ state tax on the invoice. Import into Quickbooks with IFF file added the info to an invoice.

Using Paypal web payments standard: payment codes were always correct. Never any issues.


Upgraded to 4.0.2 with the upgrade tool and Now I have these issues:

FYI: all settings for paypal and quickbooks export have been compared to the working 3.x settings so thats not the issue.

1- exporting sales to IFF now generate errors stating empty invoices etc. and nothing is imported into quickbooks

2-Anyone who pays with a credit card is getting a failed transaction notice from my store. They go to paypal, they pay, the payment shows in my paypal account, but my store sends them a failed transaction notice. I changed the email so it says the order will be verified by the store admin.

I have submitted tickets for these issues and I’m still waiting for answers.

Matt Caswell

I also upgraded using the store import feature and now I cannot find a YOURPAY option for the credit card gateway. I know they have renamed their selves to First Data Global Gateway, but see no entry like that at all. Anyone know what I'm to use?