Problem With View Large Image

I’m not sure what going on, but i aam having some issues with my images. For some reason the images are being renamed and mixed up. I check my upload file and it all looks good but when i try to see it live, somethign happens.

Here is my website [URL=“”][/URL] and please seach for “Big Diamond” and you will see what i am talking about. If you click on the view larger image, the larger image is totally different and it add some strange number after my image name.

I would appreciate any feedback. I thought i was doing good until this happened.


This is because you probably have auto-generate thumbnails turned on, and you are uploading images to both the thumbnail and the popup imaging, thinking that you are adding two images- took me a couple of products to figure this out too.

When you add a product, on the main product add page, you’ll fill in the description, price, etc. When you get down to the image upload section, only upload an image to the lower of the two boxes (popup image) and the thumbnail will auto create itself.

Now to add additional images (from image tab at top of product page) do the same… only add to the second box… If you have more than 1 additional image, click on the green +plus sign to add another 2 boxes… and again, only add to the second line… you can keep doing this until you have all the images you want for additional, but each time, only put the image in the popup image box, and the thumbnail will be automatically created when you click save. If you know you have 5 additional images, click the +plus sign 4 times and you will have five sets of boxes on the addional images page.

What you are doing now, by adding an image to each is over-riding the auto thumbnail creation by uploading a different image.

Tip: you do not need to press save going from the product details page to the other tabs, you can go back and forth in the product tabs without saving until you are finished adding all images and details and it will remain in tact, since you are not really “switching pages” Same goes with the additional images when you click the +plus to add more images, the page keeps everything and you just go down the line adding new images.

I’ve attached a snapshot of the main prod page and the images page to show an example.



Hey i really appreciate the help, now i understand how to add the images and mutliple images. The problem though that i was having was importing the product spreadsheet and in the image tabs i was trying to tell it where the image was on my server and i think i may have figured it out. I think my image file does not have permissions. If you got to [URL=“”][/URL] you will see a Forbidden page. I am working with my hosting company to see if they can fix that. I think when i import the file, cscart did not have permission to overide the image location that i had in the spreadsheet. What do you think??