Problem with user-groups

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my cart and User-groups!

i create new user groups, say for example wholesale and trade, then I set the properties in ‘availability’ section of each catergory for either wholesale or trade.

Because i want to be able to manually approve or decline trade applications.

The problem is however, when a new user registers to the site, the wholesale is available by default, but the trade is approved by default letting a regular customer accesss the wholesale and trade pricing…

Is this a bug? if not what am I doing wrong?


Update Running 2.0.12 (Thanks Jobosales)… !!

What version are you running? There were some issues with the conversion from memberships to user groups that were fixed in 2.0.10 or 2.0.11.

Also, take a look at the third post in this Bug Tracker report:


Did you, by chance, change your ‘Not a member’ membership to either ‘wholesale’ or ‘trade’?



If anyone else has this problem, you need to log out then log back in (duh) :frowning:

And magically… it works…

Not the smartest thing Ive ever done…