Problem with time


i have a big problem, i don’t understand when i don’t have good time for my order.

We use the 24 times.

For exemple in backoffice we have this configuration.


Time format : HH:MM

Time zone : GMT +01:00 Brussels, Copenhagen …

Notice : 5


in orders manage we get for exemple this :


08:49:18 but when i try to extract the timestamp from db i get good hours who is 14:49:18


Someone can help me to find where is coming the problem ?

I’m not for certain but your DB time will be the default time for the server. In your example, the server time is GMT -5 or GMT +7 depending on am or pm.

i solve the problem to swith by defaut GMT and after put GMT +01:00 Brussels, Copenhagen …

very strange bug :frowning: