Problem With The Vat Calculations


I have the following problem with the CS-Cart taxes calculation.

In the product prices I have included the VAT of the product, usually 23% in most places of my country.

For example, I have one product with net value of 1.00 euro and 23% VAT tax.

In the CS Cart in this product I wrote the price of 1.23 euro, as I have to show the gross value of the product (net value + VAT tax = gross value).

In the checkout the product seems correct: correct value, correct taxes, correct total.

Now… let’s talk about the problem…

Some of the islands have reduced VAT, from 23% to 16%, so those customers should pay 1.00 euro + 16% tax = 1.16 euro gross value.

In the same product, before my customer logs in and tell me his city, so I do not know yet the % of his tax, I have calculated the +23% on the net value of the product and my customer know it.

When he goes to the checkout screen, he tells me that his company is located in one specific island, where I know that the tax is reduced. As I have created a special zone with those lower-tax-islands with 16% vat, the cs-cart system understands that this specific customer should not pay the standard 23% tax, but the lower tax (16%), so in the order summary it updates the value of the VAT tax from 23% to 16% automatically.

The problem is that during this procedure, the order total should lower from 1.23 euro to 1.16 euro, while it is not! In the above case, the system keeps the order total to 1.23 euro, the vat shows lowers from 23% to 16% (it shows 0.17 euro), but the net value goes to 1.06 euro (instead of the correct 1.00 euro). The correct order total should be 1.00 euro + 16% tax = 1.16 euro.

Does anyone know how can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance


Your current VAT system is:

23% - for Country A
16% - for country B
Tax type = Inclusive
Product prices - include tax

How to make it work like you need:

23% - for Country A
16% - for country B
Tax type = Exclusive
Product prices - do not include tax


  1. In Vat settings make it exclusive - disable the “Include Tax” check box
  2. Change all product prices and exclude tax for them, e.g. in your example product cost without tax is 1.00 euro and with tax 1.23 euro so on product update page please set 1.00 instead of 1.23

    p.s. the described change is global so please note that cs-cart price filter is applied to product base price (which in new configuration would be without VAT).

    Hope it helps.

    best regads,


Hi Damir,

We need to have tax type=inclusive and the product prices to include tax.

This is very important, as we want to show our products in some other platforms, too, such as the and the, where the tax type should be inclusive and the tax included…

Do you have any idea how could I make it work?

can to do this with some modification via Admin settings, or require some development for this

Dev Im afraid

ok, understand

If there is someone who believes that it can make the above modification, please send me a pm

done :-)