Problem with the forum

I suspect there is nothing that can be done but if you do not ask then you do not always find out.

I increasingly use the search facility when looking for a solution to a problem.

I have also realised now that there has been an upgrade since I joined how useful it is to show what version you are running in your signature.

The problem is that when a signature is changed - so say to 1.3.5sp1 - it is changed throughout the forum on all previous posts.

So for an answer or a question that somebody posted in the past and which was based on the version they were running at the time - it is no longer apparent what they were running and hence the angle they were coming from.

Is there a solution to this at all. Some forum setting maybe?

yea, post your version in the message body

V1.3.4 sp3.

Yeah but people are not going to do that - are they?

[quote name=‘Page’]Yeah but people are not going to do that - are they?[/quote]

That’s their problem :wink:

Quite simply people have been requested to post their version number and server environment where possible. If they don’t do this it only makes their life difficult at the end of the day.

Regardless the signature allows us as a forum see what is the most “popular” version to date which also forms the basis of “expected” versions.