Problem With Registry::get After Upgrade To 4.11.x

Hello guys,
I have a problem to get values for particular storefront from addons setting via Registry::get('addons.addon_name.key') method.

To be accurate this regards when you have two and more storefronts. Example:

(Clear cache (?cc))

1. Select storefront A in admin => everything is all right = I can get the value.
2. Switch to storefront B in admin => BUT I still getting value from addon settings for storefront A!
3. When I clear cache again I finnaly get value for storefront B, but even not for storefront A now.

I found workarround and using method
Settings::instance()->getValue('key', 'addon_name', $company_id);
instead and it works.

Any ideas or same experiance with it?

Solved. Helpdesk answer:
The issue is caused by a bug in CS-Cart which is fixed in version 4.11.3.