Problem With Microsoft Edge Browser


I was wondering if anyone has experienced issues with Microsoft Edge browser that comes with windows 10.

I had a customer who called and said they could not see any pictures on the website or see the links to log in and other navigational links.

I found that she just got Windows 10 with the Edge browser. Never had problems on my site before this.

I asked her to change to Google Chrome. She did and does not have a problem now. Do I have to post on my site not to use Edge if experiencing issues?

Anyone now how to make cs-cart compatible with Edge? Is it the Theme?



CS-Cart Version: 4.2.4 Pro

Theme: Responsive theme by Energo Themes Vivashop, with IE9 Fix activated.

I tested my site which 4.2.* with Edge and found no issues. Maybe the customer's proxy server at her ISP.


I initiated a ticket with Energo Themes to see if they can detect anything. I think it could be theme related.

So far windows 10 has not been available to me for testing.