Problem With Links And Content Being Removed From Block Layout When 'ok' Clicked (*solved*, Sort Of)

Hi there,

I'm editing a custom theme's block layout that my company purchased. I'm trying to edit the HTML source of a particular block, but when I cut and paste this into the dialog box (shown by clicking the “<>” icon within the content tab):-

Hi Smich,

If it is an HTML block yes this is happening, but you can easier to change block or remove it and make another one as “HTML block with Smarty Support”. After you creating this block just paste your code inside and save. Put new block in right place in your layout and that it is.

I hope that helped you :)


John @ MysticThemes

Hi John,

Yes, that's a useful workaround- I'll bear that in mind, thanks.

(Still not immediately intuitive, nor does it explain why one should require a Smarty-compatible block to solve an issue with vanilla HTML, but that's not your fault!)

All the best,

  • Smich