Problem With Homepage Links With Ipad And Iphone


THIS SITUATION HAPPENS ONLY ON IPAD and IPHONE (with Safari and Chrome) - People go into "debug mode" with F12 and use the iphone emulator and it works but on a real ipad, even different version of IOS it is still the same. I have the issue with my ipad that is ipad 6th generation (IOS 13.3.1) and my iphone is iphone 8 (IOS 13.3.1) and older ipacd 2 (IOS 9.3.5)

i have primary categories that has secondary categories and once i click on the primary categories, there is a "window" that opens up. Before the secondary categories were clickable but not anymore ?

Same goes for my top menu where i have a "MORE INFO" that has links to pages. Those pages link are not clickable anymore. There used to be clickable.

We have integrated many changes and something must have been touch to prevent these links to be only text to ipad.

Can you suggest something that we could check ???



What version CS-Cart are you running?

may i know which version you were using?