Problem With Google Shopping Data Feed - "sale Price" Attribute

Hello everybody,

I have been using a Google Shopping data feed addon without any problem for years by downloading the feed and manually uploading the feed in txt format to Google.

Suddenly, the Google Shopping feed addon stopped working properly, so the downloaded feed was corrupt, and "sales price" attribute showed the wrong sales price. As a result, Google Merchant started to ban the uploaded listings because of the price mismatch.

The issue is that the sales price in the downloaded feed was shown improperly and didn't match the real sale price on a website. As an example: If the real sales price would be $1.69, the data feed would show this same price as $1.96

I did not install any updates or changed code in any way before this problem with the data feed occured.

Did anybody have the same issue ? What would be a fix ?

Thank you,

Generally the Google Data Feed uses the 'price' field of the product. It doesn't take into account any usergroup or bulk pricing discounts.

If you've installed any 3rd party addons recently, you might want to disable them and see if problem persists. Where the data feeds addon gets price data is in the Schema.

CS cart only feeds the price, not the price with promotions, which is pretty silly. I had to have some custom work done on my site to have it work correctly.


Thank you for your response.

As I said, I used the data feed addon and a sales price was added without any problems to a google shopping feed. The sales price was a catalog promotion (Let's say 10% entire store.) I used the field name "sale_price" and field type "Sale price" in the fields mapping section of the addon.

Everything worked perfect until the addon started to corrupt the sales price field. The last two digits would be displaced in the feed. As an example: If the real sales price would be $1.69, the data feed would show the same price as $1.96

I didn't install any third parties addons or cs cart upgrades before this problem appeared. I'm just curious how something can go wrong with the addon, if there are no any changes have been made software-wise?

Tbirnseth, should I look in the Schema for the sale price? Do you think it could be different from the promotional sale price on website ?

Thank you,

Data for Google Data Feeds does NOT include the currency symbol but instead appends the currency code to the amount (I.e. 10.24 USD). There must be some kind of promotion or other discount that is affecting the price. It would be highly unusual for it to simply transpose numbers. Unless there's some issue with your site running as an RTL text layout (that's all I can think of anyway but shouldn't affect it).

So you say 1.69 becomes 1.96

so do all your prices follow the same problem, i.e.

1.34 =1.43

1.21=1.12 etc etc

Hi - is there a simple fix to adding promotions to the data feed output please with tax?


OK I found it - in /public_html/app/addons/google_export/schemas/exim_data_feeds/google_export.php

Change the false to true on line 51 (4th line here):

$schema['export_fields']['Google price (with tax included)'] = array(
    'table' => 'product_prices',
    'db_field' => 'price',
    'process_get' => array('fn_exim_google_export_format_price', '#this', '#key', false, true),
    'export_only' => true,

also data_feeds/func.php I deleted all of this from line 429 and below - better to leave the GTIN empty - duplicating the product code here, google disallows the item.

        if ($field == 'GTIN' && empty($variants)) {
            $variants[] = db_get_field(
                'SELECT product_code FROM ?:products WHERE product_id = ?i',