Problem with Exceptions

I use Exceptions pretty heavily on my site, every product has some assigned. (usually using disregard in combo with another option)

Anyway, this usually works, but I do find that Often a product will stop displaying the options correctly, what happens is that the options are not displayed correctly (eg size and color, if a color does not come in some sizes the sizes will not display the correct list, or even a black list… also there seems to be a glitch in the selector that it sometimes requires that you click twice on the color before it is fully selected)

Now to fix this, I can usually (maybe always… needs more testing) simply delete my Exceptions for the product and recreate them… in some cases I have also had to clear the Option combinations but I haven’t tested this enough to say that was really the cause.

Obviously this is a serious waste of time… once setup one would expect that it works… I mean the data displays correctly in the backend… so it must be entered correctly… CS-cart is obviously a little buggy here in how it works.

  • another note… the Javascript that runs the hidding of exceptions and controls display of Option combinations seems a little on the slow side… and as of my last test did not work in Google chrome!! (thats a big one… 5% of my audience)

    please test the behaviour of this page: removed

    in FireFox and Chrome (try selecting the different colors and check the sizes available)

OK, this is a worth add on… I decided to do some further testing and had found that the Javascript was working correctly everywhere other than Google chrome (IE, FF, Opera, and Safari), However, I then upgraded Opera from 10.5 to 10.6 (which is meant to speed JS processing by 50%) and now find that the JS is broken in the same way as it is in google Chrome.

So I am guessing that some core JS engine features that google altered to get faster processing time is not working with the cs-cart js (maybe related to the jquery version used?) have now had similar changes made in the Opera JS enging.

Cool for me it works Black-UV Blue dot only available with XLarge and on the other sizes are The option combination isOut of stockPlease try another option.

How do you have made this solution???

[quote name=‘Triplex’]Cool for me it works Black-UV Blue dot only available with XLarge and on the other sizes are The option combination isOut of stockPlease try another option.

How do you have made this solution???[/QUOTE]

Can you tell me what browser and OS you are running during the test?

I have only been able to test 3 windows machines so far. I do get slightly different behavior with refreshing the browser.

Did the image/radio button select correctly when clicked once? How about clicking once on the other color option? I have found that at times (in Opera 10.6 and Chrome) that the selection will take 2 clicks. One click selects either the radio or image and the second the other.

Also in these browsers the exceptions (in this case XXS, XS, XXL, and XXXL - i think) will not be removed from the pulldown.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Regarding setting up this effect… I simply edited the product_options template. Moving the image tag beside the related radio button, then removed some unused code. (I can post the code if you would like?)

I don’t think that my edit should have had any effect on the behavior since the class names etc did not change, but with an update to the JS engines in these browsers perhaps the methods of selecting items has become a little more precise and is causing errors with loose definitions… I don’t know.

I have been continuing testing of this issue.

If you look at this page: removed

and play with the color and size combos, you will (should) see that the stock is out for Charcoal/black size XXS as well as others… and the sizes listed should range XXS thru XL (in firefox, IE and safari this seems to hold true)

However the size pulldown will not have the ‘extra’ sizes hidden in Chrome and the latest Opera, instead all sizes will be shown, or in some cases none, clicking another color will sometimes refresh the list but back to the full size list, the sizes defined to not display in my exceptions are shown.

Could it be that cs-cart is not using the latest version of Jquery? Maybe this should be updated?