Problem with CS-Cart editions

Hello CS-Cart members and CS-Cart staff,

I'm a really satisfied user of CS-Cart products. In the past years the flexible CS-Cart platform helped to expand our business online.

Please let me explain the situation. We use CS-Cart Multivendor version 2.2.4 for the first shop and CS-Cart 2.2.4 Professional for the second shop. To synchronize data between both shops we use the Multishop addon from “The Alt Team” (really great addon).

Okay, until now it goes well.

But, now CS-Cart 3 is out. Of course, we will update our current versions to this new versions to profit from the new advantages software.

In that case we run:

CS-Cart 3 Multivendor

CS-Cart 3 Professional

The multishop addon is not compatible with CS-Cart 3. So we can't synchronize data between shops.

We asked 'the alt-team', they can transform the Multishop to CS-Cart 3. Problem solved should you think.


CS-Cart decide to unify the Professional edition to Ultimate Editon. Okay, I can agree with this decision. But that means that our professional edition is switched the Ultimate edition. In that case we can use Ultimate edition to create multiple shops.

But we can't combine it with our Multivendor edition.

So, we must run 2 separated CS-Cart editions and cannot profit from the multistore advantages? And synchronize data custom?

My suggestion is to build an official Addon that can used in CS-Cart multivendor. This addon synchronize data between a Multivendor and Ultimate edition. Including the blocks. But honestly, I do not think such an addon will come out via CS-Cart.

Who have a solution or suggestion to advice in this problem? Your advice and comments are really welcome.

Best regards,