Problem with categories


I have a little problem with the images in a categorie.

We have a categorie wich is divided in several sub-categories, when clicking on the categorie in the menu it should open a page with images from the sub-categories. These images are shown, but very big. On our other website this is working great, it is showing smaller images automatic.

The settings are the same. Do I forget something?

The link for the working site: [url=“”][/url]

and the not working site: [url=“”][/url]

For both sites the same images are used.

Can someone help me?

Kind regards,

Nick Smit

Under settings => Thumbnails => Category details page thumbnail width

What do you have set?

The image isn't being resized, so my guess is that this setting is blank. Just change it to 200 or something.

I hope that helps,