Problem with blocks

I hope I'm not doing something incredibly stupid - although I don't rule out that possibility.

I've just set up v.3 in local host so I can do the design work before I upgrade my live store. I'm playing around with the block manager but I can't get any changes to show in the central portion of the thing - no matter what I add to that, or delete from it I still have the slide show and hot-topics blocks displayed on the front page of the demo store. Am I missing something? Changes to the top and bottom sections display ok so what's different with the central portion? Could it be a problem with the install?

Any ideas?



Design > Blocks > Home page tab - is this where you're changing the blocks? Note 'All pages (default)' will take effect on all other page dispatches except the specified locations in the tabs on the Blocks page.

Ok I am incredibly stupid - I was working on the default location - doh