Problem With Australia Post Realtime Rates Calculator

Refer also to reports on the Whirlpool forums:


Over the Easter weekend around the 18th April 14, the AUP Live Rates calculator for our website stopped working. No changes to our hosting or our website were made around this time, so the problem is undoubtedly due to changes made to the way is working.

Note that our store on CSC v2.1.4 has the problem but our v2.0.15 version is ok.

I have contacted regarding this , and got a denial that anything had changed, but as evident from the whirlpool forum posts, there is now some compatibility issue between the CSC AUP Realtime Rates calculator mechanism and the AusPost API.

Just checked v4.1.4 and theres not problem, So it might be limited to v2.x only.

Has anyone solved this problem.?

This issue is preventing customers from checking out.

Help greatly appreciated.

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Same problem here. - Version 3.0.6 Ultimate

This is the fix for v2.1.4, courtesy of cscart helpdesk.

If v3.x is having problems, then its possible that v2.2.x also has.

In order to fix this issue, please replace the following part of code:

$h_req = fn_cm_register_request('GET', '', $request, '', '', 'text/xml');

with this one:

$h_req = fn_cm_register_request('GET', '', $request);

in the aup.php file located in the shippings directory of your CS-Cart installation.

On another issue with RealTime Caculators.

For obvious reasons Shipping Methods that use RTC ignore Locations…

We have problems with Saudia Arabia Customs, and have decided no longer to take orders from that county.

So how would I set to Exclude Shipping to certain countries.?

I can see how its done easily for manual shipping methods, but for Real Time Shipping ?

Using v2.1.4 and v4.2.4

Help greatly apreciated.