Problem With Add Combination To Inventory


we have noticed that for some products in our store that have no options and inventory is set to "track without options", if we add an option to that product and set the inventory to "track with options", when we try to add some inventory combinations for that product (In stock: Edit -> Add combination), the popup where you can add combinations looks strange, is missing some fields - see picture.

Anyone of you guys know what might be the reason for that? Am i missing something or doing somenthing wrong?



It is required to examine issue on your server. Please contact support team

It's courious that it's not happening to all products and if we import a product directly with options and track with options there is no problem....


So.... after seeing the same behavior on, i was convinced that there was a stupid and simple explanation.

I found out that the problem was from not ticking the Inventory checkbox on the option.

The problem is that this checkbox is not available when you create the option! Only after you save the option, you have to edit it and you can tick the Inventory checkbox.



Stefan, thank you for keeping us updated