Problem when I enable thousand products

Hi there!

My store runs super fast with around ~6000 products enabled, but when I enable 500 more (lets say around 6500 enabled) then it starts hanging.When I disable the 500 product category then it goes super fast again. I have checked with different categories and it does the same (so i not category something issue). Look like have a limit of 6000 products something and then have issues.

I am giving you some server specs and tips I 've see that may help you find solution faster.

My server is dedicated:
cs-cart 4.16.1
vivashop theme

8 Physical CoresAMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz
php7.4 with 32gb memory limit and high optimizations
MySQL with innodb most tables and 40GB Buffer pool size

I checking the cs-cart debugger and the pages queries and caching are far away from memory limits, so assume this should not be the issue.
Does cs-cart have any config about big catalogues that I have to revise something?

Can someone point me what could be the issue please?

So do you face performance issue both in the admin panel and store-front?

It seems it was a mix of:

  1. some stress cronjobs I had (most from product updates)
  2. bad bots that was crawling my store like crazy - super important
  3. an addon optimization that cs-commerce helped me with this (the addon was from other developer)

yes it was everywhere!

500 items should not affect the speed significantly. Examination is required