Problem When Changing Admin.php Name 4.1.2

For all the versions of CS-Cart I have used I have changed the admin.php file name for security and all worked fine. I am looking to change a couple of my sites to 4.1.2 and on each one when I change the admin.php name and the config.local.php file entry I get this error for the front and admin side address.

Parse error[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in [/size][/font][/color]/home/thebagsh/public_html/config.local.php[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1] on line [/size][/font][/color]76

Line 76 is: - $config['admin_index'] = ‘admin.php';

If I change everything back to “admin.php” again it still gives me the same error message. I have cleaned out the cache each time but no change. The only way I can solve it is to install over the top again and all works again. I don't want to get stuck into migrating things over until I can be sure I can make this change successfully.

Has anyone else had this problem?


I don't know if this is your problem or not but I just had a look at the default file and it appears that it is using too many spaces (4) between ] and =.?

$config['admin_index'] = 'admin.php';

try this…

$config['admin_index'] = 'admin.php';

Whitespace should not matter. This is completely acceptable:



The character you have before admin.php is not a single quote character (at least if I search for one it doesn't find it. So in fact you do have unquoted string.

Good catch. I didn't/couldn't see that with my old eyes. Since I didn't, I was guessing.

My eyes don't work for that either. But “search on page” is your friend!

Thank you :)

I didn’t spot that at all. Very strange as I didn’t touch that each time I changed the admin.php name so, maybe it was a quirk of my editor changing it. Thanks again I can get back to setting this up now.