Problem Using Two Specific Hooks


i am registering these 2 hooks:


if (!defined(‘BOOTSTRAP’)) { die(‘Access denied’); }


the change_order_status hook function returns results correctly,

but when I am trying to add another function:

function fn_myaddon_place_order_manually_post($cart, $params, $customer_auth, $action, $issuer_id, $force_notification, $order_info, $edp_data, $is_order_placed_notification_required){

the fn_print_die($order_info); result is empty.

When I delete the 'change_order_status' from registered hooks and I let only the 'place_order_manually_post' I get results from fn_print_die($order_info);

What do I miss?

So what is content of the fn_myaddon_change_order_status function?

in a clean cs cart installation is working as it should, so i need more digging to maybe another addon conflict.

Thank you for the answer eComLabs

in case someone need,
the solution was to make the functions that were related into hooks, to run only in the controller I needed them.

(change_order_status) -> if (Tygh\Registry::get("runtime.controller") == "checkout"){...}...

(place_order_manually_post) -> if (Tygh\Registry::get("runtime.controller") == "order_management") {...}...

Wouldn't it be a bit cleaner/easier to do:

if( !empty($order_info) } {
  // do your code