Problem Using Memberships Intelligently

I can apply memberships to a category which restricts what people see at the front end.

But I only seem to be able to choose one membership type per category.

This means that I am not sure what to do if I want an item to be seen by 3 out of my 4 memberships but not the final one.

Is this possible?

Unfortunately, this is a problem with not only products, but also shipping methods and payment methods.

You can assign multiple secondary categories (each for a single membership) to products as a workaround. Likewise, in shipping methods and payment methods, you can create duplicate methods that apply to a single membership.

I really hope the developers address these issues, but have my doubts since they seem reluctant to even see it as a legitimate need. We have a couple of shipping and payment methods that apply to some but not all memberships (e.g., different type wholesale accounts) that really make this annoying.


I had not even got as far as the shipping stuff.

Your right it is a real curse and restriction on the use that could be made with the product.

They may not realise it - but without many changes they are sitting with a superb online internal use databse product - plus more.

This would open up a whole new area of trade for them.