Problem Upgrading From 4.1.4 To 4.1.5

The upgrade started and then stopped without saying it completed… Cleared my cache and was able to log into admin area… When you access the store it's just a blank page… In looking at the error logs I see this:

[27-Jul-2014 19:22:42 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught → Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'addons/google_analytics/hooks/index/' in 'index.tpl' ←

thrown in /home/racingso/public_html/app/lib/other/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php on line 127

Tried disabling Google Analytics addon but it didn't fix it… any help would be appreciated

The restore link does nothing as well

Dear Racingsolution,

Please, make sure that cache was cleared by deleting the folder var->cache.

If this way doesn't help, please give us more details.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Thanks Alt-team… CS-Cart wanted 10 support credits before they would even give me any advice… Seems odd that I told them their upgrade script froze multiple times yet they don't want to work with me.

You are welcome.

Best regards, Alt-team.