problem-Setting up Free shipping

Hi fellows,

I wanted to set up the free shipping if order amount is greater than $300 for US customers only via UPS Ground.

This is how I set up.

Admin>Catalog>Promotions>Cart Promotions>

  1. Conditions:

    Group All of these conditions are True.

    Customer Country equal United States

    Total products in the cart equal or greater $300


    Free shipping UPS Ground

    Now the problem is even when the amount in the cart is less than $300, it shows the shipping cost is $0!

    What am I missing???

    Thanks for your help,

Hello, fellows,

I got it. It is not

Total products in the cart equal or greater $300

It is “Order Subtotal” and do not include $.

Hope this help some others :slight_smile:

Now then what is Total products in the cart? Is it number of products in the cart?

In this case I missed the “Order Subtotal”. However, cs-cart menus/options are not intuitive and confusing. I might be the stupidest person. Sometimes it is very frustrating. But folks, I appreicate your helps always.