Problem setting Delivery Method

Hi I'm new to CS-Cart and am having a problem setting the Delivery Options. I have 3 delivery options created, yet when I do a test purchase on the site it states “Unfortunately no delivery options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.” I have been through the settings under Delivery/VAT - Delivery methods and can't see where I'm going wrong, does anyone have any suggestions?

Sox -

Make sure your storefront has a company address defined. This is under “Administration” / “Stores”.


Thanks Glen, I'm currently using an old version (think it's 2.1) for this site. I set our company address to the Default location under Administration/Setting: General; but this hasn't changed anything. I'm now working on a Version 4 site which doesn't have this issue (although plenty of others!) so maybe I can side step it now. I thought I should update this post for the benefit of other blog users.